You Can Achieve Your Goals, Too!

Congratulations! You made the decision and commitment to jump right in and put your health first.


In the moment it's natural, and also very useful, to be really excited and hopeful. And you should be. The possibilities and opportunities are enormous.


It's also natural when you are out of the moment to begin to fall back into old habits and listen to the negative tape recorder in your head that seemingly resists change at all costs. 


You know, it typically sounds something like this...


Did I make the right decision?


Am I worth it?


Can I really achieve those goals we set?


Maybe I just got excited and hopeful, why do I think this is possible?


I've had diabetes for 10 years, why do I think I can reverse it in 9 months?


I'm not really that bad, my diabetes won't get worse with time...


It's totally normal to feel this way.  There is a little part of your brain called the amygdala. It HATES change, and anything new and unknown. Its job is to keep you safe.  It's to keep you right where you are because although you are sick, at least it knows what it's like to be sick and it paradoxically feels safe.


There is a saying that people prefer a known hell to unknown heavens.  


We are here to tell you, YOU do NOT have to stay in a known hell, your body can heal.


The power that made YOU heals you, it just needs the right environment and that's what we're creating here in your customized program.


We can't wait for you to tell your success story to other Diabetics who are looking for hope and truth.


Put one foot in front of the other, keep your eye on your goals and...


Remember, Your Healthy Outside Starts On The Inside!