The Healing Powers Of Water

The Healing Powers Of Water


As technology moves ahead at break-neck speed it’s easy to forget the basics of health.


It’s very tempting to look for the perfect program, most powerful supplement, or the magic pill.


As you more than likely understand by now, you can’t create health without a solid foundation.


One of the pillars of that foundation must be adequate hydration.


Now there have been entire books written on the importance of water for general health. Many research papers describing why proper hydration is important for diabetes recovery.


Believe it or not the topic of water can get really complicated and overwhelming.


So let’s spend just a little time together going over the basics and making it simple.

  1. Only water counts towards your daily quota.  Yes there is water in coffee, tea, food, and various other things that you could consume, but don’t be fooled - adequate water intake will only be accomplished by measuring actual water intake.

  2. The amount of water like everything else should be customized to the individual's needs, so check with your provider.  However, a  good rule of thumb is 1-Liter per 50 lbs. of body weight.

  3. If you wait until you’re thirsty then you’re already dehydrated.  You should drink water throughout the day.

  4. The type of water you should drink begins to get into the weeds, but allow me to give you some pointers from worst to best case scenario.

  • Just about any water is better than being dehydrated

  • Almost all tap water should be avoided when possible

  • If you must drink from the tap try to filter your water, there are various filtering options available

  • Avoid distilled water as it's devoid of valuable minerals

  • Avoid drinking water that has been bottled in plastic.  Glass is better.

  • Choose a high quality natural spring water product when possible.


You can’t cheat nature.


There are foundational elements that must be in place to achieve balance and good health.


Water is one of those elements.


Stay hydrated and remember…



Remember, Your Healthy Outside Starts On The Inside!