The Top 5 Supplements You Can't Live Without

As patients finish their program they always want to know what supplements they should keep taking.


The first answer is check with your provider for your specific needs.


However, the following supplements should be considered as part of your lifetime health regimen.


Essential Fatty Acid Support:  Our bodies are often deficient in the critical nutrient known as essential fatty acids.  In particular omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oils and olive oil for example.  Each person requires a different type and amount of omega-3's so please be in touch with your provider.


Vitamin D:  I can’t recall the last time I tested a patient with adequate levels of vitamin D.  For various reasons we are in the midst of an epidemic of low vitamin D levels.  Vitamin D deficiency creates a tremendous amount of strain on the body and in particular can increase your risk for several diseases.  This actually should be one under the supervision of a healthcare provider as Vitamin D dosage often needs to be high and should be monitored for negative effects.


Blood Sugar Support:  Many chronic diseases, including low thyroid, start with abnormal blood sugar control. As such, it’s a good idea to be on a comprehensive blood sugar support formula moving forward.  Your provider can recommend one for you.


Antioxidant Support:  We live in an ever increasing toxic and stressful world.  Toxicity and stress, along with many other factors, promote oxidation.  Oxidation disrupts and destroys normal function in the human body and should be combated as much as possible.  A regimen of antioxidant support is one of the most intelligent steps you can take to protect your health.  Talk to your provider about formulas that best suit you.


Detoxification:  As stated our world is increasingly toxic.  One of the most important steps to detoxification is a biochemical process called methylation.  Interestingly we find many patients have a deficiency in their ability to methylate, and thus can’t detox efficiently.  A comprehensive methylation formula can do wonders to reduce your body’s toxic load.


Yes Your Healthy Outside Starts On The Inside! 

Your body needs critical nutrients to remove the roadblocks.