7 Pillars Of Health

There is no question that the rise of chronic disease is largely self-inflicted.


Our society has lost its way as it relates to the foundational pillars of health.


I’m going to take you through a very quick tour of those foundations and give you quick take-away advice as you move to the next stage of your care.


Without the following, optimal health can't be achieved.


Hydration:  Drink approximately one liter of natural spring water per 50 lbs. of body weight.  Try not to drink out of water that’s been bottled in plastic and when possible make sure to filter tap water before drinking.


Food:  Eat animal protein and veggies at breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Eat a small amount of fruit in between meals as snacks. Stay away from bread, pasta, rice, potatoes. Eliminate or drastically reduce alcohol, caffeine, processed foods, fast foods, junk foods, damaged fats, and refined sugar.  In addition, it's best to eliminate gluten, dairy, corn, and soy as they are common offenders. 


Sleep: In general human beings need 8 hours of sleep per night.  Some can function optimally with a little less and some require a little more.  Go to bed as close to when it gets dark as possible and rise when the sun comes up.  You should sleep in a completely dark room and make sure the temperature is cold enough to foster good sleep - this is typically around 68 degrees Fahrenheit.


Exercise:  Get 30-60 minutes of moderate exercise and movement that is right for your current health and fitness status.  You don’t have to make it complicated or expensive.  Brisk walks through the parks and hikes through beautiful terrain is typically adequate.


Stress reduction:  Stress kills! Put stress reduction strategies and time into your day.  Whether it be appropriate exercise, prayer, meditation, laughter, doing something you love, or sex - make it happen.


Detox:  As you’re aware, we live in an ever increasing toxic environment.  So much so that our built-in detox mechanisms are overburdened.  You should go through a quality, safe, and healthcare provider directed cleanse at least once per year and as much as once every 3 months depending on your health needs.


Last: but not least, make sure to have a relationship with God!


Do the above and you will protect the gains you’ve made up to this point, make deposits into your healthcare account, and protect yourself from chronic disease.




Your Healthy Outside Starts On The Inside!