What Will You Do Now?

 What Will You Do Now?




If you’ve reached this module that means you are finished, or close to finishing, your prescribed treatment plan.


I trust that you have had a lot of wins and maybe even completely reversed your diabetes back to a non-diabetic state.


This can be an awkward and worrisome time for patients, because they have found their tribe and mentors, and they feel like they'll be off on their own.


We certainly feel you’re now equipped to do that, however it’s not necessary.


We have constructed no-brainer aftercare programs that allow you to stay connected to your provider and your support system.  As well, aftercare participants get discounts on supplements and other valuable services.


Talk to your provider or the Director of Admissions to find out your options and what’s best for you at this stage of your journey.


You should know that you are a HERO to us.


Thank you for your trust and efforts over the last several months.


We will be here for you as long as you need.


Never forget…


Your Healthy Outside Starts On The Inside!