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At Dr. West Wellness Clinic, we believe you can restore your health naturally without more drugs and more medications. We're here to give you hope, and a clear path to restore your health and recover your full potential.

We understand the struggles that patients face as they strive to recover from complex medical conditions while navigating a dysfunctional healthcare system that usually causes more challenges than it solves. 

Dr. West Wellness Clinic Strives to Provide You a New Standard in Healthcare 
so you can be your best self and maximize your impact on the world!


Key Value

When we are ill or sick, we are unable to be our best selves and have the greatest impact on the world.


As a result, our health should be our top priority.

This can feel like an overwhelming ideal for someone who is dealing with the challenges that come with being sick. Moving yourself and your health to the top of your to-do list, on the other hand, is very powerful in our experience and is frequently the turning point for creating a transformational life experience. Since we're living longer, we need to start thinking about living with the best quality of life possible for you and your loved ones. You deserve the opportunity to be blessed so that you can be a blessing to your loved ones and community! Not to suffer in silence and merely exist!

Dr. Brian West and his team believes that each human being is intrinsically valuable, but we also understand that not every patient who applies for care will be a good fit for our approach. We utilize a very deliberate and systematic admissions process, which allows us to select candidates that have the best opportunity to experience a positive outcome. 


This admissions process is first focused on whether the prospective patient has a condition we can successfully treat.  Next, we focus on whether they possess qualities that would make them a good overall fit. Some of those qualities include health being the #1 priority, being motivated to get better, having a great support system, and a pleasant and optimistic attitude.

The Optimal Candidate

Dr. Brian West is a world-renowned functional medicine expert. He is dedicated to helping people with chronic illnesses regain their health by discovering what is really causing patients desease and symptoms. Getting beyond the label-of- disease utilizing comprehensive diagnosis, to customize a cutting edge treatment plan, so you can achieve real results. 

Dr. Brian West is a fourth generation Doctor of Chiropractic (DC).  He holds a Master of Science (MS) degree in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine and a Diplomate of the American Clinical Board of Nutrition (DACBN).  He has extensive training in Functional Medicine; Evidenced-Based Nutrition; Nutritional Biochemistry; Detoxification and Biotransformation Pathways and Imbalances; Hormone and Neurotransmitter Regulation and Imbalances; and Inflammation and Immune Imbalances. 

At his core, Dr. West employs a thorough investigative strategy to discover not just the root of his patients' challenges but also to meticulously create a treatment plan that is specifically tailored to meet their individual needs.  He's excited to help you remove the barriers for optimal functioning so that your body  can be its own healer!


Brian West, D.C., MS, DACBN

What makes Dr. West's Approach so Different?…


  Dr. Brian West, D.C., MS, DACBN, practices a new model of natural healthcare, sometimes referred to as “Functional” or “Systems” medicine. Functional medicine is not what you know as conventional or allopathic medicine, it shows patients what's really causing their health challenges. Functional medicine offers a holistic approach where the underlying physical, chemical and emotional stressors are supported to help the body reduce inflammation so the body can start to heal itself. It's patient-centered approach providing each person with a customized treatment plan and addresses the whole person, not just an isolated set of symptoms. The solution provides a step-by-step plan of action utilizing homeopathic and botanical medicines, including vitamin supplements, minerals, phytonutrients, antioxidants, enzymes, nutraceuticals and glandular extracts, as well as diet modification and weight control to address the root cause of poor health and to support our patient’s overall wellness. It's based upon the most up to date science, research, and cutting edge clinical applications. Thousands of patients have defied the odds and recovered their health using Dr. West's treatment protocol.

 Dr. West Wellness Clinic

8650 Minnie Brown Rd  suite # 300
Montgomery, AL 36117
Tel 334-218-0088

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