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How Women are Overcoming Low Thyroid

✔️Are you a woman struggling with low thyroid         despite  taking thyroid hormones and your doctor   telling you everything is “normal”? 


✔️Have radical diets, impossible exercise routines, and   natural remedies failed you? 


✔️Are you tired of everyone looking at you like it’s all     in your head?

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Attend the Thyroid Presentation, How Women are Overcoming Low Thyroid, Where You'll Learn:

✔️Lose weight without radical diets & exercise programs so you can feel confident and comfortable in your clothes again, which means you get to have healthier relationships.


✔️Increase your energy so you can be more productive, which means you get more done and have more time for yourself.


✔️​Overcome depression and anxiety so you can feel in control again, which means you have more patience for your family.

If you suffer from the persistent symptoms of Low Thyroid or have been diagnosed with Hashimoto's you're not alone 

Dr. West focuses on getting to the real cause of your problem so you can be treated like an individual.

In the thyroid presentation you'll learn about:

The #1 cause of low thyroid that many doctors never check
New research, science, and effective treatments
The Thyroid-Biotoxin Connection that’s likely keeping you sick
Why TSH is essentially a useless lab marker
What Synthroid (thyroid hormones) actually does to your body
Why your TSH is “normal” yet you still have every thyroid symptom in the book

If you have:

Weight issues
Inability to Lose Weight and Keep It Off
​Life-altering fatigue
Brain Fog
Unexplained Pain
A Menstrual Cycle With Severe Discomfort
Menopausal Symptoms
A Medicine Cabinet Full Of Drugs and Supplements That Don’t Help

Then you won't want to miss this Presentation:


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