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Low Thyroid Patient Testimonials


“I’ve been a patient for about a year now. I’d been to 10 doctors in 5 years and was diagnosed with everything from bipolar disorder to hypo AND hyperthyroidism. The medicines I was on for my thyroid actually caused heart palpitations that landed me in the hospital. I was so frustrated with the medical field. I felt like I was thrown out and forgotten – until I found Dr. West. He is so thorough and address every issue found. I am a totally different person now because of my health.” Dr. West is the BEST!

Brenda K.

“I was searching for answers for more than 15 years. After one day on the cleanse I noticed a difference. After four days I noticed a reduction in skin symptoms and anxiety. Discovering the connection between what I ate and how it affected my body was monumental to me. I’ve lost weight, my stamina has improved and everyone is so wonderful – Thank you Dr. WEST! 

Karen T.

“When I first attended Dr. West's webinar I was feeling hopeless and exhausted. I thought  I did everything I could on my own but nothing seemed to help. Nobody listened or understood what I was going through. I’ve been seeing Dr. West for five weeks now and he is so attentive. I’m very happy and thrilled to begin the next steps.”  

Kim H.

“I have Hashimoto’s. I’ve been seeing Dr. West virtually for 3 months and I’ve lost 40 lbs. I sleep better, I have energy and I glow. I’m so happy to share my story. I have my whole life ahead of me and I’m ecstatic.”

Linda W.

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