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How Do You Know If You’re Treating Type 2 Diabetes Successfully?

Does Your A1C Continue To Increase?

Are Your Blood Sugars Unstable?

Do You Continue To Gain Weight Despite Diet & Exercise?

Does Your Doctor Continue To Increase Your Drugs?

Does Your Quality of Life Continue To Decrease?

Are You Beginning To Experience Diabetic Complications?


The New Type 2 Diabetes Treatment that…

Restores Health

Normalizes Blood Sugar & A1C

Reduces & Eliminates The Need For Drugs & Insulin

Offers Hope & A Way Out

Reduces & Eliminates Risk Factors for Diabetic Complications & An Early Death

Our Easy Step-By-Step, Customized Approach Produces Real Results


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What makes Dr. West Wellness Clinic

so Different?…

Dr. West Wellness Clinic is different because it shows Type 2 Diabetics what’s really causing their problems and provides each patient with a customized and personalized plan that restores health, normalizes blood sugar & A1C, while patients reduce and eliminate drugs and insulin injection


Dr. West Wellness Clinic provides an easy step-by-step plan of action that is based upon the most up to date science, research, and cutting edge clinical applications. Thousands of patients have defied the odds and recovered from diabetes using Dr. West Wellness Protocol.

How do you access Dr. West Wellness Clinic? The first step is to attend the next Free Diabetes Workshop.

 Dr. West Wellness Clinic

8650 Minnie Brown Rd  suite # 300
Montgomery, AL 36117
Tel 334-218-0088

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